How do I install apps using the RegClient application?

Foxway Support -

In order to install an app using a registration xml (file format exported from RegClient) follow this guide:

  1. Collect the ip or hostname of the printer intended for the install
  2. Make sure you have access to the printers administrative account (default: admin/****)
  3. Open the EIP Registration Tool (regclient.jar or regclient.exe or equal)
  4. Provide the printer's ip or hostname in the DNS or IP field and the Username and Password respectively
  5. Open the registration form by pressing Create New
  6. Open the provided registration xml by pressing Load and browsing to where you have stored it on your disk
  7. The information fetched from the registration xml is now shown in the registration details form
  8. Press Create

Now the app should be visible on the Service Home on the device

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