What is the technical requirements for using Foxway apps?

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The general technical requirements for using many of Foxway's network connected apps is divided into configuration of network access and configuration of the MFD.

Network Access

If it has a proxy or firewall rules to prevent external access, you’ll need to ask your network administrator for help.

The MFD needs network access to:

  • https://appcloud.foxway.com:443

Any proxy settings will need to be entered via the device embedded webpages (CWIS)


A good indicator is to open a web browser and surf to:

And run the tests on the page by pressing the "Start Tests" button. If any test fails, your app will most likely have problems running correctly.


If things still is not working on the MFP, ensure that you have valid network settings configured on the device. Make sure that you have a valid gateway address set. The printer may for example still be available for printing even if no valid gateway is configured in its network setup. 


EIP Configuration

Make sure that Extensible Service Registration and that "Export password to Extensible Services" is enabled (the Export password option is not required but simplifies the installation of apps from the Foxway App Store app)


Verify that all services are enabled by pressing Edit and make sure that the EIP SNMP api is enabled.


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