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The Foxway Service Update app simplifies for users to view and send a report with service information from any Xerox ConnectKey device.

The app is divided into three tabs. The first tab labeled "Service Report" contains information about the currently registered errors, user information about the currently logged in user, various configuration information and the currently registered Location. In the top there is also a message that will be attached when sending a report. 

 Service Report tab

The different information sections can be expanded by clicking each section header.


The current location is fetched from the location attribute configured in the device. Together with the location an IP based position is retrieved and presented with a map over the fetched IP based location. Bare in mind that the IP based location may not always be correct or possible to retrieve.

Recipients tab

Configure the list of recipients for the report by selecting the Recipients tab.

Add recipients by pressing the "Add recipient" button. Remove recipients by pressing the "Remove" button to the right of each recipient. The recipient is stored in the app and remains there between sessions until they are removed manually.

Log tab

The log tab contains a log with all sent reports. There is also a possibility to attach a note to each log entry.

Send a report

Send a report by pressing "Send report" on the  Service Report tab. If you want to attach a custom message, press the "Edit message" button and write a custom message before sending the report.


The report will be sent to the recipients specified on the Recipients tab and contains all the information found about the current service status found for the device on the Service tab.


Other information

The app sends the mail through the Foxway Mail API (due to the limitation of sending arbitrary mail through the EIP APIs) and uses also the Foxway IP Info service in order to calculate the IP Based location. In order to access these APIs the device needs to access the Foxway App Cloud at


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